An Interview with Award Winning Japanese Photographer Ryosuke Kosuge

The Yosshi Way is a new online publication that highlights people around the world who embody the spirit and outlook of Yosshi.
Recently we sat down with award winning Tokyo-based photographer and pioneer of ‘Dense’ photography, Ryosuke Kosuge.
Ryosuke’s eye for composition and gift for capturing such striking Japanese street scenes and breath-taking architecture is truly captivating.
TYW: You shoot both nature and people – do you prefer to photograph one more than the other?
RK: Actually, my work has been considered influential in helping create the genre of "DENSE" photography, which predominantly captures the intensity and density of Asian urban life. My two most recognized works are  "Grandpa of Akihabara Electric Town" and "Dense Collection of Taipei Bridge".
TYW: How do you choose your subject matter?
RK: I just want to take photos of realistic and cool things. I think the history and traditional cultures of each country are very important in taking realistic photographs. So I just take that. There’s not one thing in particular; if I think ‘that’s a cool thing’ - I’ll take pictures of that.
TYW: Do you use a specific camera?
TYW: What is your favourite lens?
RK: I do not have a favourite as I always change the lens to suit the occasion.
TYW: Do you take pictures spontaneously or do you research and plan your shots beforehand?
RK: I do research and location hunting before shooting, but I always determine how to shoot after I’ve arrived at the scene.
TYW: How do you scout your locations for your photography?
RK: I use the Internet and sometimes books.
TYW: What do you want people to feel when they look at your photography?
RK: I want people to feel surprise when they see my photography. I always put lots of details in the photos, so I would be glad if they wanted to take a longer look.
TYW: The architecture in Japan is so incredible – is it easy to be inspired in such a beautiful place?
RK: I think it is, I love architecture. 
TYW: How important are post-production and photo editing to your work?
RK: They’re both very important, especially the tone editing.
TYW: I love your street shots of Japan, they are so striking and emotive; is Japan your favourite place photograph?
RK: My favourite place for photography is not only Japan -  but all over the world. I take lots of photos in Japan because I live there.
TYW: Do you prefer shooting people or architecture?
RK: I prefer to photograph people.
TYW: Do you have a favourite place to visit in Japan?
RK: I don’t have just one place, because all parts of Japan are very different, so it’s hard to say where my favourite place is.
TYW: You travel a lot, what is your favourite country to visit after Japan?
RK: I always want to take photos in a new country; one that I haven't visited yet. 
TYW: Where in the world would you most like to visit?
RK: I want to visit the whole world. I want to travel and take photos everywhere, even in outer space.
TYW: What is your favourite time of day to shoot?
RK: I think it’s a time between dawn, sunset and the night, when the sky turns into navy blue and the city lights up.
TYW: What aspects of your work are you most proud of? 
RK: None, I’m not satisfied with any of my work.
TYW: Do you ever photograph sports or action?
RK: Yes, I have taken many photos of marathon runners. Runners’ photography is my origin of being a photographer.
TYW: What is your favourite season to shoot?
RK: It’s spring to summer.
TYW: What would you like to photograph more of?
RK: I want to take more portraits of famous people who have an influence in culture.
TYW: What advice would you have for other people that want to get into photography?
RK: Don’t ask for other people’s advice, try harder on your own.
TYW: What are your ambitions for the future?
RK: I want to restart my DJ activities.
TYW: Where would you like to see your photography being displayed?
RK: I would like to see it displayed outside of Japan.
TYW: What does Yosshi mean to you?
RK: My younger sister’s husband, his name is Yosshi.
TYW: What is your favourite flavour? Sakura Cherry Blossom, Lychee, Original Recipe.
RK: My favourite is Original Recipe.
TYW: Do you have any upcoming projects or exhibitions that you would like people to be aware of?
RK: I am going to hold a photography exhibition in Taipei. Please wait and see.
Follow Ryosuke on Instagram: @rkrkrk
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